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Last year I decided to take on a 365 (well, 366 for 2012) challenge to take a photograph every single day of the year.  That was it. No other rules. And I did it...with just two gaps.  As I took my last photograph of 2012 I felt a bit as if I was only just really starting and didn't want it to end there. So, I decided to carry on taking at least one photograph every single day into 2013. But this time I wanted to add a twist.

For those of you that know me or follow my other blog 'Chatting Happy', you will know that I have a passion for positive psychology and the science of happiness.  Taking photographs, mastering an art and rising to a challenge are all already great ingredients in my happiness pot...but why not combine the two even more?

So, this year my one a day challenge is to take a photograph every day of something that contributes to my happiness pot.

But not just any old thing.  One of the most powerful ways to increase our happiness is to feel and express gratitude daily. In fact for the last year Alex and I have been doing just that and sharing our 'gratefuls' with each other every evening.  This new challenge is about taking it up a notch.  It's about being more mindful and present every day; noticing those things that bring me happiness, that I am grateful for, as they happen; capturing them for all eternity and expressing my gratitude in the form of publishing the resulting photograph.

Many people have a grateful 365 project. And this is mine.

I hope you enjoy it. But more than that, I hope it gives you a second to pause and think about your own 'gratefuls'. I promise you'll be happier for it.

Here's to a very happy new year. All year. Every day.


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