Thursday, 31 January 2013

Jan 31st: One step closer

Today I am grateful that all my practice paid off and I passed both my numeracy and literacy skills test first time. Phew. Getting closer.

Jan 30th: moment of clarity

After months of confusion, this is the exact spot, at the glamorous Slough station, where I had a sudden moment of clarity on life the world and everything. Well, my bit of it anyway. So, today I'm grateful for my moment of clarity.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Jan 29th: tax and six packs

Well, not quite but I caught a glimpse of my tum as I was doing some weights earlier and was very grateful for the transformation from my tum of yesteryear.

And I was super grateful to Alex for pointing out I hadn't actually pressed 'submit' on my tax return! That could've been a very expensive mistake.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Jan 28th: soft skin

Today I'm grateful for the hand cream my mum let me keep because my hands were like sandpaper this morning but not they're all soothed and soft.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Jan 27th: Gadgets, gizmos and a green goddess

Today I'm grateful for all my wonderful kitchen gizmos that help me make this lovely green smoothie...the ingredients for which I am grateful to nature for and the idea for which I am grateful to the fab Mind Body Green website. Feeling very virtuous.

Jan 26th: sunshine

Today I am grateful for two things:  The sunshine through my window, and the sunshine of my life.

Jan 25th: snow dog

Today I am grateful that my brother had time to make these gorgeous specimens and that it was light enough for me to see them before I left.

Jan 24th: painting parrots

Today I am grateful for the chance to supervise some lovely parrot painting!

Jan 23rd: 1:1

Today I'm very grateful for the time I spent with a lovely little girl called Rebecca and the writing practice we did together.

Jan 22nd: lift

Today I'm grateful that my brother came to give me a lift.

Jan 21st: a happy talk

Today I am grateful for a nice evening out in London with Alex at Miriam Akhtar's talk "positive psychology for depression".

Jan 20th: Family time

Today I am grateful for a really lovely day with my family, to my mum for doing a yummy lunch and recreating Christmas, to the weather for snowing especially, for my brother's safe return or his hols from the Navy and to Alex for driving us home safely afterwards despite the treacherous conditions.

Jan 19th: Burst of colour

Today I am grateful for a lovely burst of colour amongst the snow on our afternoon walk

Jan 18th: Soak n snow

Today I'm grateful for a lovely warm bath while the snow gently settles outside.

Jan 17th: Mega scones

Today I'm grateful for the lovely market in the high street where I acquired these superb scones.

Jan 16th: Bokwa

Today I am grateful for my Bokwa class at the gym

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Monday, 14 January 2013

Jan 14th: Brrrrrilliant

On this very very chilly day indeed I am more than grateful for my flowery snuggle socks and the heater we borrowed from mum

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Jan 13th: Blue Skies

Aaah, what a lovely sight greeted me when I came down stairs and went into the kitchen. Sunny blue skies, hello, long time no see! Thanks for popping by.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Jan 12th: Zappers

Woo hoo for Fast Track: in, zap zap, out. Shopping done. I thank you.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Jan 11th: Smoke free

Spotted this on the floor and was suddenly very grateful Alex doesn't smoke any more. Phews.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Jan 10th: Mmmm

The weather turned cold and I turned to nice warm soup.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Jan 9th: Back to School

Thanks to all the teachers at Webber Independent for making me feel so welcome...particularly like 'oo...poo at the zoo'

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Monday, 7 January 2013

Jan 7th: Needles

Thank you needles for being outside, and not inside!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Jan 6th: Lie in

Lovely lazy Sunday morning with frothy coffee in bed.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Jan 5th: Toasty

As I stepped out of the shower this morning and reached for my towel, fresh from warming on the towel rail, I thought to myself how grateful I was for central heating, and for a new boiler that doesn't break 15 times a day, and for not having to traipse over to the gym in the rain and cold every day for a shower. Lovely.

Jan 4th: PT

Grateful for my personal trainer who's helping strengthen my back (and hopefully rid me of post-chrimbo bloat in the process), for the Christmas cheque from Gma that will afford me a few more sessions and for being in good health enough to be able to partake in such things. Just need to remind myself how grateful of these things I am next time I'm bright red, puffing and sweating over the next sadistic session!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Jan 3rd: Happiness from happening upon unexpected inspiration

I went into London on the train today (on which I got a seat and was very grateful for that!). On the train I read my new Kindle Fire (for which I am also very grateful, love it). I then navigated my way to a meeting using the maps app on my iPhone (grateful for developments in technology that help prevent me getting lost!). Had a good meeting and then met a friend for coffee/lunch and had a right good old natter (cue more feeling very grateful). And, on top of all of this I unexpectedly ended up mooching around the landscape photographer of the year exhibition. I've been the last two years and had forgotten it was on at the moment so just happened upon it in between meetings earlier. Fabby!

So today's photo is from the exhibition. I had actually taken my camera out with me but realised I'd left the memory card in my laptop. Oops. Luckily (and thankfully) I had the trustee iPhone as back up so we're back to the Instagram specials for today.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Jan 2nd: Sparkles and homecoming

2 gratefuls for today:

It is thanks to my mum that my new year's eve was as sparkly as it was. For not only did she treat me to a beautiful sparkly new dress, but she also lent me all the gorgeous tableware for the evening, including these napkins and napkin rings. What a diamond she is. Thanks mummy x

Secondly, what a lovely sight this was after our first day apart in ages. Welcome home pickle x

Jan 1st: A lovely New Years Day walk

I started the day, and the new year, full of alcohol and regret:  Alcohol that was making a bid to come back out and regret fuelled by an argument fuelled by the alcohol.  All of which made me quite sad. Which also made me sad... this was new year's day, not a great start. But then I thought a few thoughts to myself. 1. I seem to remember feeling pretty much like that every new years day and seem to start my new year properly on Jan 2nd. 2. It's really just another day, and we've all had a few like that. And 3. shut up, stop moping, get up, drink some alka seltzer, make up from the row (always the best part) and get out there and enjoy it. The sun is shining.

So that's what I did.

I donned my Christmas jumper and out we went for a lovely walk, hand in hand, down to the river.

And suddenly it was more than just the weather with the sunny disposition.

So, today I had very many gratefuls.  I was grateful for the alka seltzer! I was grateful for a lovely evening spent with friends the night before; I was grateful that the rain rain had gone away and the sun had got his hat on at last; I was grateful that we live so close to the river, and for the river itself; I was grateful we are fit and healthy to be able to be able to enjoy a walk; and I was, am and always will be grateful to have such a lovely husband to share it with. Ok, so we had a row, but we got over it. Pobody's nerfect. Plus, he did most of the tidying up from last night while I lay on the sofa and groaned.

So today's happy snap sums up pretty much all of the above.